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  • ​Start Living the Life You Want
  • ​Learn How to Use Paid Ads and Sales Funnels
  • ​Start Earning $250,000 to $1 Million Per Year in a Career You Love

My name is Todd Scrima and I love helping people grow and reach their full potential, it is my life's work! I have helped over 600 Loan Officers making $1 Million+ per year. I spent 20 years starting and growing one of the largest Coaching programs in the nation. I'd love to help you too!

Currently, I own eight corporations; the largest being a top 30 mortgage company in the nation called Summit Funding Inc. And I have three beautiful kids, play guitar, love fly fishing and golf!

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What My Graduates Are Saying

Chris Kloc's Story

Chris went from $60k per year to $300k in just his second year working with us! He was able to save up for the down payment on their forever home in a month and half.

Chris Bunch's Story

Loan Officer University Graduate - Chris will make over $20,000 in commission in his third month as a Loan Officer.

Jacek's Story 

Worked as a personal banker making enough money to “just pay the bills” and knew he was great at sales but did not know what to do or how to do it.

We took him into the program 
First year he made $109,000
Second year he made $209,000
Third year made $178,000
Fourth year made $339,000
Fifth year made $835,000
Sixth year made $1,065,000

Vasiliy's Story

Worked at a credit union doing personal loans and knew he was destined to do something bigger in life than making $42,000 year.

We took him into the program, and he started being coached in May of 2019
First year he made $130,000
Second year he made $272,000
Third year made $470,000

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